Emergency Care Instructor Programme Review

9 February 2018

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council sets the standards for resuscitation and first aid in New Zealand. Its Emergency Care Instructor (ECI) assessment sessions aim to promote quality and consistency in first aid by ensuring that providers deliver the right skills and knowledge to their students.

The Skills Organisation (Skills) manages the New Zealand Qualifications Authority's first aid and pre-hospital emergency care/first responder unit standards. Here, ECI assessment sessions are one component of the first aid training system. They are a requirement of instructors who are assessing students against New Zealand Qualifications Authority first aid unit standards.

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council and Skills share a vision that a person who collapses, or requires other first aid interventions, shall receive best practice treatment and care. Both organisations believe that by reviewing the Emergency Care Instructor programme, we can improve outcomes for people in need.

What service is currently provided?

We provide the Emergency Care Instructor assessments, which are informed by New Zealand Resuscitation Council guidelines for resuscitation and first aid.

We know that there have been frustrations with ECI. Some issues identified are include:

  • Sessions can be difficult to access
  • Sessions can only provide for a small number of learners – some are fully booked, while others are under-subscribed
  • Focus is on assessment, rather than discussing ideas and learning
  • Sessions may be perceived as a compliance measure rather than an opportunity to check the quality of first aid training
  • Some assessors also provide their own first aid training

We would like to address these issues.

Next steps: Proposal

We have developed a proposal in partnership with Skills. 

Go to the proposal.

We want to provide assurance that any changes made following the consultation will not adversely affect training providers who hold valid Emergency Care Instructors certificates.