Aickin to lead ANZCOR - the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation

3 December 2014

Dr Richard Aickin, Chair of the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, has been confirmed as the Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) following the untimely death of Professor Ian Jacobs, former Chair of the Australian Resuscitation Council.

Through ANZCOR, Australian and New Zealand interests are represented on the International Liaison Committee of Resuscitation (ILCOR). It is this international committee that commissions the five-year review of literature and evidence that yields revised treatment recommendations. ANZCOR is small when compared to the likes of the European Resuscitation Council or American Heart Association. “But, as members of ANZCOR, both the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Councils enjoy considerable presence amongst much larger international resuscitation organisations,” says Dr Aickin.

When it comes to resuscitation, Australia and New Zealand have much in common, and most treatment recommendations can be applied to both countries. The Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Councils collaborate to develop joint resuscitation guidelines that promote best practice, and which are used to set the standard for resuscitation in New Zealand.

ANZCOR is allocated positions for three delegates on ILCOR, the others being Australian representatives A/Professor Peter Morley (Chair, Australian Resuscitation Council) and A/Professor Michael Parr (Deputy Chair, Australian Resuscitation Council). Both the Australian Resuscitation Council and New Zealand Resuscitation Council strongly supported Dr Aickin’s nomination for ANZCOR Chair.

Although he acknowledges that the position of ANZCOR Chair is a key role in resuscitation internationally, Dr Aickin stresses that the role of Chair is not a contest between the two countries. “This role is about fostering and promoting a spirit of cooperation between our two councils,” says Dr Aickin. “It is a privilege to be in this position, and my intention is to build on the existing strong relationship between the two countries and to champion Australasian interests on ILCOR. I am grateful for the strong support of the members of both Councils to continue our joint work.”

This statement is a joint release with the Australian Resuscitation Council. For queries about this statement please email or phone Lachlan McKenzie, Communications Officer on +64 27 499 6692.

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