The New Zealand Resuscitation Council provides a curriculum to provide rescuers with skills and knowledge in resuscitation and emergency care. Each course that we provide promotes best practice, emphasises team work, and is underscored by ANZCOR resuscitation guidelines.

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Certificate of Resuscitation and Emergency Care (CORE) 

The Certificate of Resuscitation and Emergency Care (CORE) is the New Zealand Resuscitation Council's qualification in resuscitation for health professionals.

CORE Immediate is best suited for health professionals who may have to respond to a cardiac arrest or medical emergency, while CORE Advanced is aimed at health professionals and advanced rescuers who may have to manage such events.

Find out about CORE.

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Emergency Care Instructors 

We certify Emergency Care Instructors (ECI) who deliver private training but who wish to show that resuscitation and first aid taught by them follows New Zealand Resuscitation Council guidelines. Find out more.

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Newborn Life Support 

We train clinicians to deliver newborn life support course to others in their region or organisation. The New Zealand Resuscitation Council Newborn Life Support course is for health professionals who provide newborn life support, including midwives and those working in neonatology.

Find out more about the Newborn Life Support Instructor Course.

Attendees who pass the New Zealand Resuscitation Council Newborn Life Support course are issued the NZRC Certificate of Resuscitation in Newborn Life Support. To order, contact us.

NLS Newsflash is our free email update for anyone with an interest in newborn life support, and instructors in particular. Information for newborn life support instructors can be found here.

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Where do I go to find training?

We are all potential rescuers. Determining the training that is best for you means that you must first identify the skills and and knowledge in resuscitation that you might need as a rescuer. 

To do this, we suggest you use our Rescuer Framework.

You will then need to find a training provider. The New Zealand Resuscitation Council trains resuscitation instructors, who independently provide our courses. We therefore are unable to recommend specific providers.

Check whether your organisation has designated providers. If not, independent providers will come up in a Web search. If you are still unsure, contact us.

I already have a resuscitation certificate. Is it equivalent? 

With the exception of Australian Resuscitation Council provider courses for advanced life support, the New Zealand Resuscitation Council does not recognise any prior training as equivalent to that afforded by New Zealand Resuscitation Council certification. 

Other employers, professional organisations, and accreditation bodies may choose to recognise training equivalency. The Council has no governance over other training and its validity. This is a matter between the individual and the entity that requires evidence that the individual is appropriately trained in resuscitation and emergency care. 

For other queries about training, click here.

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