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The New Zealand Resuscitation Council Certificate of Resuscitation and Emergency Care (CORE) is a standardised resuscitation curriculum for New Zealand health professionals. CORE certification provides the basic skills and knowledge for the management of life-threatening illness and injury both within and outside of a rescuer’s immediate working environment.

Please note: Check with your credentialing body or employer that the course you are doing meets your requirements.

CORE is available as different courses:

CORE Immediate. This course is for rescuers who might be expected to manage the early stages of cardiac arrest.

  • CORE Immediate – Adult includes adult collapse management. Find out more.
  • CORE Immediate – Adult and Child includes adult and child collapse management. Find out more.

CORE Advanced. This course is for the advanced rescuer who is expected to manage and supervise resuscitation events. Find out more.

CORE Skills. This session is for rescuers who require practical knowledge and skills in resuscitation. Find out more.

Each is a separate course, and every provider will course will have a Course Director who is responsible for the delivery of the course. A learner must decide the course in which they wish to enrol. CORE Immediate and CORE Advanced lead to the Certificate of Resuscitation and Emergency Care (CORE). CORE Skills does not provide the learner with CORE certification.

Entry requirement

The learner must hold a health professional qualification.

Finding a Provider

Please see Where do I go to find training?

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New Zealand Resuscitation Council training for CORE Instructors

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council trains and certifies instructors to deliver CORE Immediate and CORE Advanced. Find out more about the CORE Instructor Course.