CORE Instructors of New Zealand (CINZ)

CINZ is an affiliated society of the New Zealand Resuscitation Council. It is the organisation for NZRC certified resuscitation instructors. Through CINZ, resuscitation instructors are represented on the Council.

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Aims of CINZ 

  • To promote excellence within the structure and delivery of the CORE Framework.
  • To represent the views of members on matters relating to CORE and resuscitation education.
  • To share information about research opportunities, job opportunities and conferences in the area of resuscitation.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and advising the NZRC on modifications to the CORE Framework.
  • To provide educational support and resource information for providers of CORE courses.
  • To organise conferences and an annual meeting (to be held in conjunction with the NZRC Conference) that offers workshops related to CORE delivery.
  • To provide a “mentor pool” that can be used to support CORE instructors.
  • To undertake any other activities relevant to resuscitation in New Zealand.

Quality in CORE is of paramount importance to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council. We look to our instructors to maintain a high quality standard of teaching and assessment, coupled with a commitment to CORE that reflects the value we place on resuscitation education.

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Membership of CINZ is open to any instructor currently certified as a CORE instructor. Affiliate membership is open to any NZRC non-health professional instructors and NZRC Newborn Life Support instructors. All members are automatically also members of the Association of Emergency Care Instructors (ASECI).

A CINZ member may only deliver those New Zealand Resuscitation Council courses for which they have been approved by the Council. By way of example, a CORE instructor is not automatically entitled to deliver a Newborn Life Support course.

We welcome any questions that you may have about the membership and role of CINZ.


Ongoing CORE instructor status depends upon maintaining particular requirements.


CINZ is an Association governed by the CINZ Rules.

Executive Committee

CINZ Executive Committee members are Kevin Nation (Chair), Renee McKeany (Secretary), Jo Whibley (Treasurer), Louie Mason and Anna Lawson.

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Further information for instructors 

- for CORE instructors
- for NLS instructors


Please refer to the Price List for current pricing of resources for CORE Course Providers and those ordering on their behalf. To purchase, please contact us.

NZRC Rescuer Framework 

January 2015 saw the release of the revamped NZRC Rescuer Framework. There is no change to courses or resources, but resuscitation instructors may get queries all the same. We've put together an information sheet to help you discuss the framework with colleagues and course participants.

Frequently asked questions

Instructors will often get similar questions from CORE course candidates. Some of these will be answered in our frequently asked questions.

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